Presenting Priyanka Bharadwaj, the founder and CEO of Marriage Broker Auntie, a Marriage Advisory Service. Apart from being an Entrepreneur, she is a Writer, YouTuber, and active Content Creator.

We kickstart this episode by getting to know her journey, from an employee of Amazon-UK to becoming the CEO of Marriage Broker Auntie (M.B.A.). We speak about how she came up with such a quirky and interesting name for her brand and how she charted the unconventional path for herself.

Priyanka & I discuss “Decision Fatigue” & how it is affecting today’s generation, why people find “Ghosting” not a big deal and what causes people to do so? She shares about her experimental project “Dinner Club“,a virtual dating project for single professionals where she sets up 100+ blind dates on the basis of each other’s preferences. We discuss the roadblocks one might face while searching for a potential partner. Priyanka speaks of her passion project and why decisions in the arranged marriage market are taken in one of two ways – the “Amazon Way” or the “Toyota Way”.

By the end of this episode, Priyanka shares what success means to her and how intelligence is alluring to women, How “Indian Matchmaking” the Netflix movie gave her work more recognition and acknowledgement. She also shares the books she indulges in & some of her funny moments while interacting with her clients.

If finding a life partner seems overwhelming to you then this conversation attempts to answer few of those questions.

Chatting with Priyanka was super fun. Please enjoy.

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