Micky (Firebird)  |  59:50  |   16-June-2024

Join me on this episode of the RareErth Podcast as I sit down with the incredibly talented Micky, also known as Firebird. We explore his remarkable journey and diverse interests, from martial arts and Bruce Lee’s philosophy to his impressive music career and startup ventures.

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Key points in this episode:

Micky shares how his childhood passion for martial arts evolved, especially during the pandemic when he delved into Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do. We discuss his transition from studying music business at NYU to performing over 400 shows in a year, leading to his music being featured on TV.

We delve into his entrepreneurial journey co-founding Treble, a startup connecting artists and producers, and the challenges that came with it. Micky opens up about discovering his biological father, a revelation that led to profound introspection and creativity during the pandemic.

Micky talks about his current projects, including Realm, which gamifies creative development in music, and the Firebird app, aimed at making self-improvement social. He shares his vision for these projects and their alignment with his journey of transformation.

Throughout our conversation, Micky offers deep philosophical insights on creativity, self-awareness, and compassion in collaborations. The episode concludes with a special performance of his song “Sideways.”

Tune in for an inspiring and enriching conversation that delves into creativity, personal growth, and the human spirit.


– Micky’s diverse interests and how he balances them

– His early fascination with martial arts and Bruce Lee’s philosophy

– Transitioning from music business intern to performing artist

– Performing 400+ shows in a year and its impact on his career

– Co-founding Treble, a startup connecting artists and producers

– Personal challenges and discovering his biological father

– Focusing on self-discovery and creativity during the pandemic

– Current projects: Realm and Firebird app

– Philosophical insights on creativity and compassion in collaborations

– Micky’s musical performance of “Sideways”

Micky (Firebird)
Platforms and Influences
Music and Performances
Startups and Projects

– Treble

– Realm

– Firebird App

Places Mentioned

– New York City, NY: Various music venues and startup scenes

– Los Angeles, CA: Mickey’s current base

– Brooklyn, NY: Location of Treble’s community events

– The Bay Area, CA: Mickey’s upbringing and family homed

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