Ina Lulaj   |   1:12:53   |   08-April-2024

Welcome to the first episode of Season 3 of the RareErth Podcast! Today, we’re chatting with Ina Lulaj, a writer who left her regular job to follow her dream in Tokyo. We’ll talk about how we met by chance and became good friends. Ina will also share her experiences in India and how it’s a place full of surprises and rapid changes.

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Key points in this episode:

Ina’s journey took her from Albania to studying in Oxford, then living in Boston and Miami, but it was Japan that really felt like home. Here, she finally followed her lifelong passion for writing. We’ll hear about the challenges she faced starting over in Japan, the inspiration she got from famous thinkers like Naval Ravikant, and how she embraced her new path.

This episode isn’t just about traveling from one country to another. Ina will take us through the fascinating parts of Japanese culture, from the creative designs you see in train ads to the careful way food is packaged. She’ll talk about starting fresh in Japan, the joy of doing what she loves, and why she’s so drawn to the simple yet striking designs found all over Japan.

So get comfortable and join us as we dive into Ina’s adventures and insights. It’s a reminder that it’s never too late to go after your dreams.

In this episode we discuss:

Unexpected Friendships: How digital platforms can forge real, meaningful connections across the globe.

A Global Career: Insights into adapting to international workplaces and the beauty of starting anew in a foreign land.

Inspiration to Independence: The role of mentors and thinkers in catalyzing personal and professional growth.

Cultural Immersion: Anecdotes of Ina’s life in Japan and her passion for the intricacies of its culture.

Tune in for a conversation that promises to inspire you to embrace change, seek out the roads less traveled, and live a life fueled by curiosity.

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