Akash & Noopur |   1:42:50   |   27-February-2023

Join me in this episode as I chat with Akash and Noopur from Local Ferment Co (LFC), a micro-brewery and kitchen that specialises in all things probiotic and non-alcoholic drinks. We’ll take a deep dive into their startup journey and their passion for aesthetics and design, which is evident in their visually appealing website.

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The LFC team places great importance on creating a brand that not only functions well but is also visually attractive to their customers. They share their experience in creating a positive work environment, where they prioritise enjoying the process of creating and producing their products, rather than solely focusing on the end result.

We’ll also get a behind-the-scenes look at their micro-brewery setup, which they lovingly refer to as their “brewery.” You’ll learn how their focus on quality and innovation has helped them gain recognition and appreciation from their customers, and how they’re constantly experimenting with different flavours and ingredients to keep their offerings fresh and exciting.

Throughout the episode, we’ll dive into the importance of effective marketing and the power of a good newsletter in promoting and growing a business.

Tune in for a lighthearted and fun conversation with the founders of LFC, and gain valuable insights into the startup journey, creating a positive work environment, and the power of effective marketing and innovation.

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