Nandini & Soubhik |   1:22:18   |   11-February-2023
In this episode, I interview Nandini Nair and Soubhik Hazra. Both of them had a background in hospitality, but decided to try their hand at the pet food industry with their brand, “Hungry Eyes.” Who would have imagined that two people from the hotel industry would end up starting a business for dogs? But that’s precisely what they did.

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We discussed their experiences as entrepreneurs, the challenges they encountered when launching their business, and, of course, their passion for pets. Nandini shared her insights on the importance of respect and trust in pet ownership, while Soubhik shared his thoughts on the freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur. They also shared their experiences with pet ownership and gave some advice for first-time pet owners.

We also had a fun rapid fire round, where Nandini and Soubhik shared their favorite books, movies, and music.

Key points in this episode:

1. The importance of building confidence and never undervaluing oneself.

2. The freedom and accountability of being an entrepreneur.

3. The responsibility of pet ownership and the rules that need to be set.

4. The possibility of having a celebrity endorse the brand.

5. Recommendations for books and movies that the couple enjoyed.

Join me and enjoy this lovely episode with Nandini & Soubhik!

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