The Woman with a Mission to Build India - Dr. Saraswathi Hegde

Dr. Saraswathi Hegde   |   1:28:30   |   01-Jan-2021

Dr. Saraswathi Hegde, the founder of Unnathi Healing Foundation is a Pranic Healer, Sanskrit Scholar, Archarya, Mentor and a Social Activist. On this Episode of RareErth Podcast, Manoj talks with Dr. Saraswathi about Pranic Healing and how her curiosity guided her into finding her own purpose.

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Podcast Discussion Points​

She shares her wisdom on specific practices that helped her connect both her inner peaceful being and the outer chaotic world. One of the fascinating thing she does every year is a Annual Re-Energizing Retreat, where she treks up the Himalayas along with a group of interested volunteers for inner reflection, self-realization and meditation.

Even as a child, Dr.Sarswathi was extremely fearless in exploring the unknown and She firmly believes ‘Snana is for the Body as Dhyana is for the mind.’ She shares how her role models inspired her to follow the path of spirituality and the importance of Research and Experiments in gaining immense knowledge in this divine path.

She is working on a mission called “Build India Movement” aimed at growing a nation of healthy, community oriented, service minded population of young citizens. She briefly talks about how right parenting skills help in influencing the childs development and maintaining their positive and negative behaviours. In today’s fast paced world the skill of listening has become a lost art. Dr. Saraswathi shares her perspective on the power of listening and taking the time to connect deeper with family, friends and strangers.

Learn how enthusiasm and curiosity is the key to a healthy and happy life. How Practicing Self-love and Self-appreciation are the little things we need to learn.

Listen to this episode as it might be the one conversation you need to hear the most now.

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