Inside The Mind of A Bold Entrepreneur - Anand Bhargava

Anand Bhargava   |   1:29:34   |   15-Dec-2020

In the ‘80s, a young engineering graduate rode from Bangalore to Valparai (a hill station in the South Indian state, Tamil Nadu) to attend an interview with a senior manager from a reputed private company. Someone like you or me would look at this as a golden opportunity flocking us in our early 20s, perhaps nod a yes to whatever the potential employer says to get the job! But it’s Anand Bhargava we’re talking about – a quintessential rebel! Upon receiving the question paper he refused to answer it and demanded he be given the allowance he was promised, to return home. Most employers would call it off as an act of arrogance but the President of this company saw beyond the obvious.

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In this episode, I converse with Anand Bhargava, who by no means is an average man with average ambitions. He loves to defy conventions, dares to take risks, and is driven by instincts. Being in powerful leadership positions that merely boosted his ego nudged him to make a shift and choose a life of freedom and fulfilment. Despite having no business background, Anand Bhargava went on to create a niche for himself. He built a massive business enterprise that helped him achieve financial freedom by the age 33. Anand is now an independent businessman who also mentors aspiring entrepreneurs accomplish their goals. Anand’s personal choices also reflect his personality. When his son in Grade 4 developed a strong inclination towards cricket, he did what fathers usually don’t do. (No spoilers here!)

As I delve deeper into his choices and the philosophy behind them, I see how any person from any walk of life can take back something valuable from his experiences.

Anand defines success in a way you have never heard before, provokes you to take risks, offers tips to deal with naysayers and bad recommendations, and suggests what not to do as a budding entrepreneur. If you want to do more, dream big, think way out of the box, then join me in this episode of the RareErth Podcast where you’ll meet a truly self-made individual. Enjoy.

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