Revamping the Automotive Future - Narayan Subramaniam & Niraj Rajmohan

Narayan Subramaniam & Niraj Rajmohan  |   1:51:39   |   01-Dec-2020

Imagine creating a revolutionary company in the first few years of your start-up. In this episode of RareEarth podcast, I speak with the co-founders of Ultraviolette Automotive – Narayan Subramaniam (CEO) and Niraj Rajmohan (CTO). 

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Podcast Discussion Points​

Founded in 2016, this Bengaluru-based company-Ultraviolette Automotive specialises in sustainable mobility and energy infrastructure. Soon will be launching their first ever electric motorbike F77 in India.

This is my first two guest episode and these young founders share a ton of knowledge and wisdom.

We explore how the duo went through the initial steps of actually starting out with a prototype, the lessons learnt by gathering feedback from others and quick to implement them. They share their college years, and few interesting aspects of their competitive nature. They also talk about few key learnings while pitching to VC/investors in their earlier days..

According to them to create something unconventional, one must relentlessly look around with as many perspectives as possible. They both are constantly looking for new ideas from multidisciplinary approach to improve .How sometimes not having access to all the resources and dealing with uncertainty is the solution.

In this fascinating conversation you will discover how Niraj is an avid reader and explorer of ideas. Whereas Narayan is passionate about creativity and fitness. How both of them complement each other with these cross skills.

Niraj and Narayan both obviously possess immense technical skills, but they also have the intellectual curiosity and drive to do some really interesting work. This conversation will showcase how incredibly thoughtful and hard-working they both are.

We also talk about their favourite movies and books. The future according to them will be full of possibility.

If you have an idea but don’t know how to make it work, this is the episode for you.

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