A Fitness Ninja with a Monk Mind - Devrath Vijay

Devrath Vijay  |   1:28:21   |   02-Oct-2020

Meet Devrath Vijay, a fitness enthusiast, the first ever Master Instructor for Animal Flow in India and also an IFAA (International Fitness and Aerobics Academy) Master Trainer.

In this Episode Devrath and I talk about how he got started in Martial Arts and sports early on, then went on to become an Engineer working in the corporate world. How he switched his career and went on to set a path for himself in functional training.

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Podcast Discussion Points​

Today after years of sheer dedication and focus, along with his childhood friend Suhail he founded ‘Academy of Strength’ a Functional Training gym and also managing ‘Sweaty Ninjas’, an online training program along with his friend Swetha.

We also spoke about Animal Flow’, a fitness form designed to improve strength, power, flexibility and mobility.

Then we plunged into some of the beliefs Devrath holds closely. Why he feels responsible towards people who look up to him, who inspires him the most, his definition of success, his thoughts on Relationships and marriages, what kind of assumptions people hold of him, his few unusual habits that are smart and productive.

He also shares the podcasts and music he listens to, the kind of books he enjoys reading. And lastly he also shares a few fun stories encountered in his journey as fitness coach.

“Teaching is the best way to learn” Believing in this quote, Devrath speaks how he continues his learning everyday to become a better version of himself by being committed and focussed on what he loves.

As a closing remark Devrath shares his wisdom stating “If you could change Compulsiveness into Consciousness, it can be life transforming”.

Academy of Strength

– A Fitness Center (Gym) owned by Devrath.

Sweaty Ninjas

– A six week online training program started by Shweta and Devrath focussing on right eating and right exercising.

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