Pranav Radhankrishnan  |   1:08:02   |   14-June-2022

Pranav Radhankrishnan is a Youtube content creator known for his science based educational videos. I had the opportunity to sit down with him and discuss his background, his process for creating content debunking myths, and how it feels to be involved in the debate on scientific topics.

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Pranav was fascinated by science at a young age. He remembers reading an encyclopedia when he was only six years old. Pranav says that his channel, ***Science is Dope***, was created because he noticed that there weren’t any Indian channels that dealt with simplifying scientific, mathematical, or other pseudoscientific concepts.

Key points in this episode:

– The difference between Evidence based thinking and Intuition based thinking.

– Why Evidence is important in drawing conclusions, and How intuition can also be a valuable tool.

– Points out that correlation does not necessarily mean causation and that many factors should be taken into account.

– Over time, How Pranav learned to adapt his manner of speech in order to debunk some myths and eliminate any misperceptions about himself..

– Debunks some Pseudoscience Buzz words like Vibration, Quantum, Frequency, Dimension.

– Explains Survivorship bias in terms of Law of Attraction.

Pranav shares the books he’s most enjoyed reading, as well as some people who inspire him. He talks about some beliefs he had and how those have changed over time. We finish with a quick round of rapid fire questions.

Pranav concludes this conversation by sharing one practical advice: “Think rationally.”

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