Aamina Azhar |   1:04:27   |   28-May-2022

I have a very special guest in this episode: Aamina Azhar. She is one of the youngest people I’ve ever had on the show; she’s a published author and co-author of four books. She is also the founder of Sweet Retreat Cakery. Additionally, she is a very well-known member of Bangalore Student Community and Safe Space Project. All of this while studying Journalism and English Literature in Mount Carmel College. She has even appeared in Swadhyay Publications – listed in the top 50 poets.

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Aamina’s love of reading began at age nine, when she was already writing her own poems. At fifteen she published her first book. Writing is a form of expression for her, but Aamina makes sure to unplug from time to time, where you’ll find her baking some delicious-looking treats.

Key points in this episode:

– What sparked her love of writing, and how her parents influenced her passion for literature.

– How the best things in life don’t come planned and that spontaneity works for her when it comes to writing.

– Her Experience and the story behind publishing her very first book.

– How has baking aided her in her journey to become an entrepreneur.

– How being a rebel since a young age has helped her break all the stereotypes surrounding her culture.

– How she is learning to deal with Imposter Syndrome.

– The Safe Space Project and the other political and social causes she has been a part of.

She talks about the achievement she’s most proud of, and why. Shares  the books that have had an impact on her and offers advice that she has found to be helpful. We finish our conversation with a fun rapid-fire round of questions .

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