Kenny DeGiglio  |   1:19:54   |   22-May-2022

In this episode I sit down with Kenny DeGiglio, the Director of Education at Pomp’s Crypto Academy. I had the pleasure of speaking with Kenny at the Crypto Academy Course earlier this year, and we wanted to share a bit of it with you. Kenny joined us from Pennsylvania and we talked all things Blockchain, Bitcoin, and why everyone should be spending time educating themselves on this revolutionary technology.

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Being a rather disagreeable personality from a young age, Kenny had a lot of learnings (and failures) to understand what he was most passionate about. And that passion turned out to be Bitcoin. He shares how his skeptical personality led him in making decisions that changed his life.

Key points in this episode:

– His journey towards Bitcoin, how he got started and why he is passionate about it.

– Simplifies some of the common terms used by people in the Crypto World – Hash rate, Public and Private Keys, Nodes, Blocks, Bitcoin Mining, Blockchain and Digital Signatures.

– How the first Bitcoins were mined and who published the original Bitcoin whitepaper.

– The innovation of the digital currency Bitcoin.

– Describes how Bitcoin has allowed for a truly censorship-resistant digital currency. He explains how it resolves the double-spending problem, is seizure resistant, and like gold it’s a barrier asset that can be exchanged with anyone anywhere in the world—and instantly at that!

– How thinking from First Principles can help hone your skills and expertise in the right direction.

– Debugs the commonly misunderstood concepts about Bitcoin.

– How Printing Money is a challenge for a country’s Economy.

– How Money Fringing causes Price Inflation and how Price Inflation is essentially another form of Taxation.

Kenny shares some of the best pieces of advice he has received, as well as some books that have had the biggest impact on his thinking. We delve into these topics before finishing with a fun Rapid Fire session!

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