Swetha Devaraj  |   1:23:53   |   01-Apr-2022

My guest this episode is Swetha Devaraj, a Vascular Radiologist, a certified Animal-Flow Master Instructor, co-founder of Sweaty Ninjas and a passionate Fitness Coach. She shares how she juggled multiple roles to create a work life that integrates her passion for health and fitness with her medical career. Swetha says no matter what career you choose or switch between, one thing is certain: you’ll have to work hard at it, and you’ll have to bring a lot of sustainability and passion to your work.

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Podcast Discussion Points​

– Things the Fitness Industry doesn’t want you to know.

– The importance of doing proper research before choosing a trainer.

– Why setting goals, staying motivated, and not burning out is important.

– How sleep, movement, and nature often go overlooked when it comes to taking care of oneself.

– How empathy is a valuable quality when you’re working with clients.

– Debunks some popular myths about the benefits of weightlifting for women.

– How to listen to your body, and what kind of food is best for it.

– How anxiety has impacted her life and how does she cope with it.

In Swetha’s life, the joy of being part of Mysore has been a major positive force. The city imbues her with pride and joy, which she makes evident in her Instagram bio. She has a reputation for being a prankster with her loved ones, something that keeps her from taking herself too seriously. Her idea of success is making a positive contribution to people’s lives, whether it’s one person or thousands. She also mentions a few of the podcasts she likes to listen to and the documentaries that helped her shift to a meat-free diet. We conclude this conversation with a fun round of rapid-fire questions.

We hope you will enjoy this conversation with Swetha as much as we did.

Swetha Devaraj
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