Rahul Kolle |   1:36:16   |   01-Feb-2021

Rahul Kolle is a Network Consulting Engineer at Cisco and provides Business-Critical network solutions and recommendations to large-scale Enterprises. He is also very passionate about the Art of Public Speaking, Business Storytelling, and Design Thinking. As a Public Speaking and Presentation Coach, he has trained over 5,000 professionals from diverse backgrounds. He has also been a TedX Curator in the past. He is very eloquent and artful in his conversations. 

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Podcast Discussion Points​

On this episode of RareErth podcast, Manoj gets into a deep conversation with Rahul about the Art of Public Speaking.  His passion for stage first manifested when he was just four years old. He shares how it taught him to ‘Embrace the uncertainty’ when on stage. Had it not been for his parents encouragement and his teachers efforts, his life would have taken a different path.

Rahul strongly believes that age and language is never a barrier to becoming a fantastic speaker. He breaks down the three major mistakes to avoid when addressing an audience. He shares the lessons learnt from his previous gigs and how a mental framework helps him to produce a methodized speaking.

A lot of us have heard the importance of storytelling, but very few actually develop it as a habit. Rahul explains the importance of storytelling in public speaking context. He explains why video etiquette has become a necessity these days and few tips to make a good impression on video calls.

Rahul reveals how the pace of a speech can help in engaging the audience. He provides tactical advice on how to break through a complete cold audience, and how to build rapport with people who are much smarter than you. He elaborates on how design thinking helped him to make the other person think outside the box and be more vulnerable.

Concluding this super informative conversation, Rahul shares how he handles FOMO and how one can overcome Impostor Syndrome. He mentions a few of his favorite speakers and a few books that have had an impact in his life. 

The ability to communicate effectively is possibly the single most important life-skill. In this episode we discuss how to become a great speaker and unleash your ability to persuade, influence and connect with other human beings. You will learn why speaking skills are so incredibly important and how having them can accelerate your success in business and beyond.

Come join with Manoj.

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