On this Episode of the RareErth Podcast, Manoj talks with Raghav Somani, Founder and CEO of Headphone Zone. India’s first exclusive Headphone Retail Chain. With over 800 different headphones from 35 major international brands across the world, Headphone Zone boasts South Asia’s largest Collection of Headphones under one roof. 

Raghav Somani, is not only a 9th Generation Entrepreneur but also holds a Guinness World Record for the highest collection of Airline Baggage Tags for the past 16 years. Raghav is an audiophile and a driven entrepreneur. He has always been passionate about music and understands the feelings it brings to an individual. A few years back although a business school graduate, he recognized there was an opportunity to cater to all the music enthusiasts who wanted to get hands-on with high-end audio equipment normally used by professionals. Raghav has been widely successful in building a sound reputation of his brand over the years. He believes in defining his brand’s niche as India’s best destination for Headphones, Earphones and Personal Audio Products. He focuses on delivering the Best Headphones from around the world, not necessarily the best selling. Raghav explains why the Brand’s USP is mainly focused on customer service. He loves to engage with every customer and believes in helping them choose the right pair of Headphones.

Raghav also explains jargons like a “DAC” and “Amp” and how its usage can make a huge difference in the way we listen to our Music. He defines what success means to him in a very special way, and end the conversation by sharing few of his best read books and documentaries. Come join Manoj and Raghav in this deep dive conversation about Headphones and much more.

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Headphone Zone

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